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 Type:  Element dmg:  
Weapon nameSpeedWeightMin.Max.DPSElemental dmg.Req.
Axe Axe7122104Magical0
Battle Axe Battle Axe12154205Magical0
Golden Hatchet Golden Hatchet68274Magical0
Hatchet Hatchet59164Magical0
Golden War Axe Golden War Axe15179337Magical5
Karchi Karchi61291510Magical5
War Axe War Axe14188307Magical5
Double Axe Double Axe61282012Magical7
Jeel Blade Jeel Blade81310209Magical7
Axe of The Dead Axe of The Dead713131811Acid8
Gloamar Axe Gloamar Axe912162913Magical12
1 Axe 1 Axe5983321Magical14
Golden Double Axe Golden Double Axe61263417Magical15
2 Axe 2 Axe59123524Magical17
3 Axe 3 Axe59163827Magical20
4 Axe 4 Axe59184331Magical23
Bronze Axe Bronze Axe515204533Magical25
5 Axe 5 Axe59215237Magical29
Axe of The Four Winds Axe of The Four Winds818355027Cold31
Commanders Greataxe Commanders Greataxe918358032Magical31
Water Axe Water Axe415307063Cold39
Air Axe Air Axe515408060Electrical47
Earth Axe Earth Axe415408075Magical55
Vorpal Axe Vorpal Axe3103090100Acid55
Poison Axe Poison Axe415458581Poison60
Famine Bringer Famine Bringer3?3595108Disease65
Fire Axe Fire Axe41565100103Fire70

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