Small blades - weapons

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 Type:  Element dmg:  
Weapon nameSpeedWeightMin.Max.DPSElemental dmg.Req.
Thieves Dagger Thieves Dagger4?459588Normal70
Dagger Dagger34166Magical0
Small Dagger Small Dagger22169Magical0
Blue Stone Dagger Blue Stone Dagger3?21010Magical1
Bone Dagger Bone Dagger4?498Magical2
Bone Dagger Bone Dagger244916Magical2
Great Dagger Great Dagger3631011Magical2
Kurian Dagger Kurian Dagger246818Magical3
Serpent Dagger Serpent Dagger2331118Magical3
Triddle Spine Triddle Spine2?6818Magical3
Blade of Dexterity Blade of Dexterity2251323Magical5
Scorpion Spine Scorpion Spine2551221Poison5
Short Stiletto Short Stiletto2641524Magical5
Undead Dagger Undead Dagger36101319Disease6
Ayles Blade Ayles Blade6?112515Magical8
Blade of Sista Blade of Sista46102119Magical8
Stiletto Stiletto47102220Magical9
Triddle Blood Dagger Triddle Blood Dagger2781428Magical10
1 Dagger 1 Dagger2581630Magical15
2 Dagger 2 Dagger2572236Magical20
Bronze Dagger Bronze Dagger2492138Magical22
3 Dagger 3 Dagger2582643Magical25
4 Dagger 4 Dagger2591935Magical30
Commanders Dirk Commanders Dirk26102341Magical32
Starburst Splinter Starburst Splinter36122531Acid35
Double Bone Pick Double Bone Pick35153542Magical37
5 Dagger 5 Dagger22134066Magical40
Poison Dagger Poison Dagger35185057Poison40
Demon Claws Demon Claws34195562Fire43
Royal Dagger Royal Dagger37224556Magical45
(Energized) Power Hilt (Energized) Power Hilt33358096Electrical60
Dagger of Dread Dagger of Dread34226068Disease55
Twisted Dagger Twisted Dagger38308798Acid65

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