Axes - weapons

Crossbows Large blades Small blades Blunts Polearms Bows Throwing weapons Axes
 Type:  Element dmg:  
Weapon nameSpeedWeightMin.Max.DPSElemental dmg.Req.
Pine Staff Pine Staff1062144Magical0
Staff Staff1482102Magical0
Kobold Spear Kobold Spear874187Magical3
Spear Spear876208Magical5
Krythan Staff Krythan Staff8125259AoE6
Halberd Halberd5752013Magical7
Double Blade Halberd Double Blade Halberd5762214Magical8
Trident Trident8?82711Magical9
Golden Halberd Golden Halberd6682514Magical10
Rod of Light Rod of Light55132218Cold11
1 Trident 1 Trident79113215Magical13
Blackened Trident Blackened Trident6?104021Magical15
Maldran Halberd Maldran Halberd66123520Magical16
2 Trident 2 Trident79143618Magical17
Golden Trident Golden Trident7?163518Magical18
3 Trident 3 Trident79163920Magical19
Poison Trident Poison Trident69154023Poison20
Tooth Staff Tooth Staff712105021AoE21, 25int
Bronze Spear Bronze Spear69144023Magical22
Staff of Might Staff of Might56174029AoE23
Tuhsenn Trident Tuhsenn Trident78174020Magical24
4 Trident 4 Trident79184523Magical25
5 Trident 5 Trident79205527Magical28
Commanders Spear Commanders Spear79255027Magical35
Diseased Spear Diseased Spear77256532Disease40
Lich Staff Lich Staff67407046AoE45, 40int
Energy Trident Energy Trident510357053Electrical50
Bone Staff Bone Staff66408050AoE55, 50int
Staff of Impartiality Staff of Impartiality5?408060AoE60, 60int
Trident of Poseidon Trident of Poseidon685010063Cold65
Cursed Staff Cursed Staff58509070Disease70
Blood Trident Blood Trident585512088Acid75
Rune Staff Rune Staff69100150104AoE80, 75int, 60lvl
Spear of Destiny Spear of Destiny6136012577Poison85, 50str
Serpent Staff Serpent Staff687012581AoE90, 75int

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