Finaly i wrote f**king script to sort whole armors and weapons list by requirements, it took me a whole day!! dam it >.<. And ill not do option to choose between sort by dps or by requirements, forget it... Dam i feel better now after it is done ^^. Btw new poll :P
By PIL 2008.11.08, Comments: 3
New design by Me...
By PIL 2008.11.02, Comments: 3
Finaly i completed this new feature.. To know more about this feature read comments
By PIL 2008.10.31, Comments: 0
Made fix, that commenter will not be able to post reply without Nick or Without Text. Also maybe soon we will have new design ^^. Designer - Kekkekir ; else ill do it by my self...
By PIL 2008.10.27, Comments: 4
Trade Market addon: Now you able to comment on each trade which you can see. A bit Later will fix some things more like - Will not show added offers 7 days ago. and other sh*t like that ^^
By PIL 2008.10.10, Comments: 2
New poll ! Poll about how should weapons and armors section should be sorted out
By PIL 2008.10.06, Comments: 6

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