Top.. if these words does means nothing to you, then ill explain. If page contains a lot text, symbols or images and after you watch all text you will be at the bottom of the page. So to get fast back to top now you will need just to press the button i implanted... For some people it will be usefull i think ;D..
By PIL 2008.12.07, Comments: 1
PRICE CHECK!!! [pre-beta version]. Go add some items and effect on prices ^^. anyway this version still has alot bugs and needs a lot fixing and nicering ;D. Also atm works only on weapons, later will work on armors...
By PIL 2008.11.25, Comments: 2
Chatroom section now will load fast because of spliting by 20 comments on each page.. same thing done for news section but with 4 news on each page. Also a little bit change in dmg, exp and base counters >.<
By PIL 2008.11.19, Comments: 0
Guides fix. Now it dont shows credits on selecting guide. But it shows all credits(multiply - not first one but all who helped to fix it). Also in near future ill make [EDIT] button or something like that. Visitor will be able to offer me how to change the guide to make it look nicer. If everything will be good same feature will be implanted to Quests section... :S
By PIL 2008.11.18, Comments: 3
PIL's Birthday! Hooray me (>',')>
By PIL 2008.11.13, Comments: 0
Fixed dictionary and helpers counter. From now all who writes dictionary entries gets credits ^^. Sorry Anakin for not seeing all your entries >.<
By PIL 2008.11.12, Comments: 3

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