Data fix. If there are still not all data fixed, repeat please. thanks..
By PIL 2009.02.01, Comments: 0
New poll about menu font. Vote on it...
By PIL 2009.01.24, Comments: 3
New menu style by KaaLi request. Say your opinion about new menu style.
Also new section: Donate. Next Update will be made after first donating, kthxbye...
By PIL 2008.12.26, Comments: 0
Little fix on pricecheck. Now armors can be price changed or added. also fixed shower - now shows billions, millions and k's near price. But i have one question: Why you people dont add prices to items >.<
Average price still dont counts but ill fix that later ^^, also there some more little bugs :S will fix too but not now :)
By PIL 2008.12.24, Comments: 1
Lets make Dransik popular! Crimineel did topic here. All you need is just to open page , click vote and that is all! This should make people aware of this game. So please VOTE!
We already 15 in 2d games!!! [2008.12.24 2:07Am]
Keep voting everyday, it is only 1 click!..
By PIL 2008.12.23, Comments: 2
Set-Comparer. Yes! Comparer.. Still working on it. Took me already 1,5 days. You will be able to compare not 2, not 3, but a bilion of sets at once! You already can test it out! Link: Set-Comparer
[EDIT: 2008.12.17] Now shows weapons information too!
By PIL 2008.12.16, Comments: 4

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