You gotta kidding me. Second day in a row rollback. That is why i was unactive for half year... Maybe it will happen again >.< ?
By PIL 2009.02.27, Comments: 0
Because of one guy which is: Red Dragon(on Sir Blueman pc) , i was forced to block him at first. After that i was forced to make nick atached to password. So now another guy which dont knows your password will not be able to use your nick if you are Registred. Registration started by pressing Registration on right side or just clicking Here. Peace
P.S. Sir Blueman Apologised and has unblocked. But has first warning.
By PIL 2009.02.22, Comments: 0
I have one little ideas for market. First of all Market will be nicer by view. Secondly there will be sender to email which will information(link) to delte Topic. Thirdly there will be notifitier which will informate you about comments on your Market-post. And finaly there will be SMS-Function to Highlight Market-post. AND Also there will be added more 8 sposts for items which will show for longer time and only for SMS-paid users. Please comment on this topic. Say what you think. Thanks.
By PIL 2009.02.21, Comments: 0
Make your best Dransik Commercial/Trailer, And win free store items...... Read more here. First video:
By PIL 2009.02.19, Comments: 0
Ok i fount nice new feature on the internet. Chat for everypage you like... link for chat on is here
By PIL 2009.02.07, Comments: 0
Credits check counter fixed. Now it will show properly. Before it could show minus because of wrong script... Now it will not ;)
By PIL 2009.02.03, Comments: 0

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