Guides are now editable. Once you edit it i get request with your edited version, once i accept editable guide will be fixed. Atm gethering only request... Also for edit i think it will be only for registred users, for which registed users will get credits. Now it is able for all visitors.
By PIL 2009.03.04, Comments: 0
If you been afraid of spam which you will get after making market trade with email, so now you dont need to be... made secirity by imaging every char.

P.S. There is new poll about menu font, please vote.
By PIL 2009.03.03, Comments: 0
Monster map. How you maybe noticed, we have old map with monster spawn and new map without monster spawn. I know that we have alot programers and so on... So anybody have idea on this? Here is full map by Drunksick guy. So we all the time will have default size. I thought something about image mapping... but haven't thought how to make it ^^. anyway
By PIL 2009.03.02, Comments: 0
Auction is fixed! 2days left for Poison Axe auction. Also im thinking about to make Lottery or maybe to change from auction to lottery.. anyway give me an ideas. ty
By PIL 2009.03.02, Comments: 5
Advertises. Full page advertise is removed. yay ? ;)
EDIT: if on this news will not be commented more then 5 yays until 2009.03.07. full page advertise will be returned back ! muhahahaha...
By PIL 2009.03.01, Comments: 2
AUCTION...! Yes. Atm i dont know well will it work, but we will see... Anyway, Idea: You pay 1.5$ to make bid. Latest bid before time runs out will win the item. GL
By PIL 2009.02.27, Comments: 0

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