Elderlands videos!! Videos can be fount here:
By PIL 2009.03.19, Comments: 0
Friends Connect. Just added to see how it will be. If everything will be good, chatroom will be replaced by the friend connect.
By PIL 2009.03.15, Comments: 0
Silvest is update and i noticed only yestarday :D. New quest with Gerallo: after killing 20 spiders he granted me with 1k exp pool :D . New cave with undead warriors, undead wolfs, wraiths, ghosts. So now best helmet on silvest is - helmet of agility(25 armor), best gaunts - magic padded gauntlets(25 armor), best sword - +1 , best axe - +1 , best trident - +1, best plate - rugged platemail. Pretty new guy in dungeon with rats, but i guess it is not finished..and finaly thieves with fighters area with secret house which is closed, maybe you know how to get it? ^^. Screenshots can be fount here.
By PIL 2009.03.12, Comments: 0
Market adding is more and more comfortable. Now it is an great filter which i added by many requests. Problem were with choosing item from the list. Now the filter i added will help out for people. Gl testing it out ;)
By PIL 2009.03.10, Comments: 0
Trade adding is now more comfortable. If you get mistake like 'too long price' or 'wrong password' your all entries will not be deleted... maybe some of them will be, but not all :D , imo it is better then nothing... Also added check for double post. Also in future will be able to post only 1 trade for a weak for not registred users, 5 for members, and unlimited for Gold members(not ready yet :D).
By PIL 2009.03.06, Comments: 3
Deathbreeder won first and last auction - Poison axe. traded him: ss1 ss2. Soon auction will be changed to Lottery, that means each bought ticket will has same % change to win main pot. First lottery will be 100% to win. Example: 50m pot, and if there are 10 players, it will be splitted like 20, 10, 5, 1, 1, and so on...
By PIL 2009.03.05, Comments: 0

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