As you know i'm unactive player and i don't play much DC for a year or so. In the week i got hax0red by some gay which not only scammed me but scammed other players for tokens. I'm really sorry if you are the one. After some conversation with admins they told me that the scamer is from Austrailia and banned his IP. If you know any Austrailia players please tell me. Thanks. And again Sorry all!
By PIL 2009.07.03, Comments: 6
By KaaLimatootutotu request i fixed market place for Internet Explorer(Google chome forever!) users. Now you can add trades. Also new logo! and new poll about the logo. There also some changes but you don't need to know about.
By PIL 2009.05.12, Comments: 6
Price check fixed. Now it has less information then before but now it works perfectly... Go and affect on prices! And i wish to hear some comments about it.
By PIL 2009.05.11, Comments: 0
Action - atraction !!! Add random screenshots in screenshots section and win 100m ! The most screenshot adder will win !
By PIL 2009.04.01, Comments: 2
Lottery is over so here are stats how should winings be sorted. 4(players so) . Winings: 1-50% 2-30% 3-15% 4-5%
Players: PIL, Leftie. Winnings by random: 50% - Leftie , 30% - PIL , 15 - Leftie , 5% - Leftie
By PIL 2009.04.01, Comments: 0
Screenshots section :) . Now you can post your screenshots there.. Uploading not available. Also adding available only for registred users. Go and test it out Statistics - Screenshots
By PIL 2009.03.28, Comments: 4

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