Sorry guys for bugged market place. All bugs fixed there. So you can use it now.
By PIL 2011.04.10, Comments: 1
Some updates on site. Pretty a lot work was done on cleaning code and transfering all font colors into normal css usage..
By PIL 2011.04.02, Comments: 0
Here you go... Full game wipe! So if you waited for a wipe, than it is time for you to play Dransik again! Go and have fun!
By PIL 2011.03.22, Comments: 0
T-shirt and Cup's designs are available to buy here: . You if would like other, tell me and ill create special for you.
By PIL 2009.12.07, Comments: 5
Few little changes. Titles for almost each page is unique. was: -show- ... , now: -Blue Dragon-Show- ... . Same for weapons, armors, other items, news, chatroom and so on. Also some changes on menu. Now mouseon menu item shows title(alt). Some data fixes.
By PIL 2009.09.10, Comments: 0
Added anti-spammer. Now to make comment you will need to count for example: 1+3 ... - answer will be 4 and so on...
By PIL 2009.08.29, Comments: 1

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