if you have free time and you bored of dransik go try this one:
By PIL 2008.08.02, Comments: 4
fixed armors section till end ( fonts ), same happened with weapons section. now it is nice and colorfull. made script for news(this page) and atm thinking about to make comments on news.. (Edit: 2008.08.02, news-comments: done :D) <3
By PIL 2008.08.02, Comments: 0
updated a bit Armors section. Don't worry about black font, ill change it a bit later ;)
By PIL 2008.08.01, Comments: 2
drunksick is under construction. Forums: forums
By PIL 2008.07.30, Comments: 0
By PIL 2008.07.30, Comments: 1
it is a news <333
By PIL 2008.07.30, Comments: 0

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