new poll <3. you already can give ideas on next poll, thanks for that ^^
By PIL 2008.08.18, Comments: 0
by request of Talar i added base damage counter and damage counter . if damage counter is bugged and shows bad info tell me how to fix it.. Formulue which im using is: 0.01 * base max * str + 0.02 * base max * lvl + base max ; (same with minimum damage) . also i dunno how to count bow's damage, any idea? thanks <3
By PIL 2008.08.18, Comments: 0
today is a BIG morning ! why? it is big because i finaly did monster / weapons / armors / other shower... which were bugged. i wish it dont use a lot resourses :( . else ill get suspend ;D . anyways. added others, polls and dictionary sections... also fixed lil things like underline in menu under all text. now it is disapeared :P. thanks for comments <3
By PIL 2008.08.14, Comments: 1
yep still not shows items which monsters drops >.< . but added image shower.. now mouse-over it shows up 32x32 while by default it is 16x16. anyway if it is lags for you( for a lot people), leave comment or something, maybe ill change it ;)
By PIL 2008.08.08, Comments: 0
little bit nicer design ^^. later ill make nicer, dont worry.. but if you like ill keep this one :S. Thanks for comments <3
By PIL 2008.08.05, Comments: 7
added more sections to menu: guides and quests ;)
By PIL 2008.08.02, Comments: 0

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