New section !!! Market !! :D It is an trade section where you will be able to sell or buy items. atm it is a bit buggy ant not fully functional, but you already can add items which you desire to buy or to sell. happy testing <3
By PIL 2008.10.05, Comments: 0
New poll is added
By PIL 2008.09.27, Comments: 13
A little update / fix and so on ;). So i added old sections: visitors, helpers and referalers.... happy using ;).
By PIL 2008.09.10, Comments: 0
Hooooray !! New FTP & new Domain !! yea.. all thanks to Tempester <33. From today we are officialy WWW.DRUNKSICK.COM , not freehostia or exofire ;D. if you going to use freehostia or exofire it will redirect you on <3
By PIL 2008.09.02, Comments: 0
today been long day >.< , but ill skip all drunking and so on ;D , so! i with kaalimato did huge job today: 1) fixed 32x32 image shower; 2) uncoded TT weapons info; 3) fixed all weapons! yes fixed all info, now it is fully trueable. it is can be with mistakes but whatever.. anyway it is going to be checked milion times and mistakes will be fount ;) . anyway feel free as always to use this info <3
By PIL 2008.08.23, Comments: 3
yestarday started, today morning paused(0.20AM) to code Pricecheck section. will continue it a bit later, but now you already can watch how it will look and critique it a bit if you wont ;) anyway here 2 examples: Ice Sword and Vorpal Axe peace \/,.
By PIL 2008.08.19, Comments: 10

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