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today been long day >.< , but ill skip all drunking and so on ;D , so! i with kaalimato did huge job today: 1) fixed 32x32 image shower; 2) uncoded TT weapons info; 3) fixed all weapons! yes fixed all info, now it is fully trueable. it is can be with mistakes but whatever.. anyway it is going to be checked milion times and mistakes will be fount ;) . anyway feel free as always to use this info <3
By PIL 2008.08.23

so true. who cares about not having perfect english. this website is to provide dransik information, not grammar lessons ;)
fatadam i love you too :D. p.s. yeap, my english sucks.. if you dont like something else please let me know what, ill try to fix that :o . I know i know i suck at making page like this too. And i know why, because im using Only notepad and photoshop and almost nothing else.. Anyway confirm, i suck less on fixing bugs then dransik dev team :D
holy hell you've been busy, i havent been in here for a short while and you've added showers withought shampoo and craploads of other stuff! what's next? a minigames section? :P

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