Bows - weapons

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 Type:  Element dmg:  
Weapon nameSpeedWeightMin.Max.DPSElemental dmg.Req.
Angel Bow Angel Bow147357520Normal60
Archer Bow Archer Bow147348221Normal90
Wooden Bow Wooden Bow156462Magical0
Fancy Bow Fancy Bow147372Magical2
Oak Bow Oak Bow1510482Magical2
1 Bow 1 Bow1293103Magical3
Steel Bow Steel Bow14145103Magical4
Golden Bow Golden Bow14126123Magical5
Radiance Bow Radiance Bow16119164Magical8
2 Bow 2 Bow1295205Magical9
Bow Of Antinon Bow Of Antinon1798204Magical9
3 Bow 3 Bow1296246Magical11
4 Bow 4 Bow1297287Magical13
5 Bow 5 Bow1299318Magical15
Golden Water Bow Golden Water Bow141213409Magical21
Steel Water Bow Steel Water Bow1414144010Magical21
Golden Earth Bow Golden Earth Bow1412185012Magical28
Steel Earth Bow Steel Earth Bow1414185012Magical28
Assassins Bow Assassins Bow1312225515Magical32
Golden Air Bow Golden Air Bow1312256016Magical36
Steel Air Bow Steel Air Bow1413256015Magical36
Golden Fire Bow Golden Fire Bow1412307018Magical42
Steel Fire Bow Steel Fire Bow1414307018Magical42
Deathsting Deathsting1410409023Normal100
Super Duper Bow Super Duper Bow101005501625Acid100

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