Blunts - weapons

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 Type:  Element dmg:  
Weapon nameSpeedWeightMin.Max.DPSElemental dmg.Req.
Club Club66184Magical0
Small Mace Small Mace662105Magical0
Stone Club Stone Club776106Magical1
Golden Small Mace Golden Small Mace563128Magical2
Mace Mace788158Magical4
Orc Flail Orc Flail567119Magical4
Battle Flail Battle Flail667159Magical5
Golden Mace Golden Mace769179Magical5
Double Battle Flail Double Battle Flail5671712Magical6
Hammer of Soriul Hammer of Soriul5661812Cold6
Large Stone Basher Large Stone Basher81511199Magical6
Morning Star Morning Star77102011Magical7
Battle Hammer Battle Hammer76112011Magical8
Golden Double Battle Flail Golden Double Battle Flail55122016Magical10
Golden Battle Hammer Golden Battle Hammer76132514Magical11
1 Morning Star 1 Morning Star68123218Magical15
2 Morning Star 2 Morning Star68153621Magical18
3 Morning Star 3 Morning Star68173923Magical20
Skull Crusher Skull Crusher815204520Magical22
4 Morning Star 4 Morning Star68194527Magical24
Bronze Mace Bronze Mace58185034Magical27
5 Morning Star 5 Morning Star68306540Magical29
Poison Morning Star Poison Morning Star68326741Poison30
Poison Morning Battle Star Poison Morning Battle Star78407240Poison36
Commanders Flail Commanders Flail68407046Magical40
Poiseidons Hammer Poiseidons Hammer713459048Cold40
Hammer of Earth Hammer of Earth7135011057Poison45
Wand of The Winds Wand of The Winds67509058AoE45, 35int
Wand of The Flames Wand of The Flames676011573AoE52, 45int
Hammer of Flames Hammer of Flames7107013071Fire60
Sceptre of Orcus Sceptre of Orcus7?7514579?70
Hammer of Lightning Hammer of Lightning7137513073Electrical70, 50int
Vengeance Hammer Vengeance Hammer31060145171Electrical75

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