Hello newbies. How is it going? Please write in comments what is happening at the moment in Dransik world. People still play? As i can see Google analytics we have more than 800 visits per last month ( 40~ Daily ). How is Elderlands?
By PIL 2014.05.13, Comments: 22
Another post only after 1 year. The problem was that i couldn't contact Tempester. Only now i got new password for the server. First i removed virus from market ( Now its clean, feel free to use it ). Also ill try to update all items which was not updated. Please write in comments of items. Also i saw some news on drunksick. Backpack limiter is free now.
By PIL 2012.08.07, Comments: 6
We got hacked >.<. Fqing retards infected by new method - jquery injection ( i guess ;D ). Anyways i guess i cleaned it out a bit. But still not protected :( .
By PIL 2011.08.01, Comments: 16
Update: JQuery plugin which will check failed to load images. It it failed it will be replaced with square. Also cacheing added for the site with timing - 60 secs. Let me know if you found any bugs.
By PIL 2011.05.27, Comments: 8
From now one, you will be able to edit content of weapons , armors and monsters. After submiting edited content ill review edited content and submit it or decline. I created the thing, because of time lack and mass content updating... Looking forward to see updates from your side guys <3.
By PIL 2011.04.23, Comments: 4
Guys... Some of images are missing and cannot be restored by me. If you have access to images i would like to get copy of them. Contact me by default contact form on the website. Tyvm
By PIL 2011.04.17, Comments: 2

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